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Zotac MAGNUS ONE Review

Zotac has recently introduced the Zotac MAGNUS ONE gaming PC. It is similar to the older Zotac VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems and offers the same great features. Both the voice communication and the Internet access are bundled in one unit. With the addition of the USB powered up keyboard and the nice big […]

Virtual Reality

Baracoda Home Gadgets Healthcare

Baracoda Smart Home Gadgets for personal healthcare can help people keep their home more healthy and free from illness. There are many different health problems that people may experience when they are at home. One such problem is that people do not get enough exercise, and often are sedentary during the day. This can lead […]

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CES 2021 – Weird New Gadgets

The CES 2021: Confabulations, Exclusives and Weirdos! You can’t go to Las Vegas, Arizona or any other international trade show without seeing all of the cool new gadgets that will be on display at the event. The Show is a giant blow-off from the giant Consumer Electronics shows that occur every year in the spring. […]