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Apple M1X Geekbench – Rumour

So you want to buy a new Apple laptop, but are unsure which one to buy? There are many different types of laptops, with many more variations on top of that. A great example is the MacBook Pro. You should have a good idea about what the pro is capable of before deciding what it […]

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Zotac MAGNUS ONE Review

Zotac has recently introduced the Zotac MAGNUS ONE gaming PC. It is similar to the older Zotac VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems and offers the same great features. Both the voice communication and the Internet access are bundled in one unit. With the addition of the USB powered up keyboard and the nice big […]


Windows 7 Estimated Users Left

A lot of people have asked me this question: “Can Windows 7 still run on my computer despite having a new system?” In this article I will explain to you why it can still run on old systems but may not be able to run on the new Windows 7 system that Microsoft has developed. […]

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Future AMD RDNA will likely be monolithic

The first of the future AMD products will be based on the new AMD RDNA Graphics Processing Units or Graphics Cards manufactured by Advanced Micro Concepts. Among the features that we will be looking at are: extreme gaming abilities, high resolution gaming experiences, the integration with new technologies like Metal-X and HBC. We also look […]

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AMD Ryzen 5000 – 80% Faster!

AMD Ryzen 5000 officially announced a new series of processors, named “Ryzen”, during its New Horizon summit on December 13, 2016 and introduced Ryzen 1000 series processors in February 2017, featuring up to 8 cores and 16 threads, which launched on March 2, 2017. On October 8, 2020, AMD announced four Zen 3-based desktop Ryzen […]

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Nvidia to reschedule the RTX 3080 Ti again

It seems that RTX 3080 has been postponed again. The new game has been scratched due to the backlash from the previous cancellation. There was so much anger over this that many people wanted to cancel their Xbox accounts. This is just one of the things that happened that led to the delays of the […]

BenQ Zowie XL2546

Zowie XL2546 240Hz

At a glance, the BenQ Zowie XL2546 240Hz monitor can’t display sharp color accuracy thanks to the TN panel, but its very high refresh rate makes me who is used to playing games on a 60Hz monitor feel different. Aim and precision feels more accurate than using my usual monitor. Even though the PC can’t […]

24G2 AOC Gaming Monitor

24G2 AOC Gaming Monitor

24G2 AOC Gaming monitor adopts a futuristic gaming model design covered with matte black plastics with a red plastic elements mark like a X letter. The stand also made from a heavy metal covered with plastic shaped also like X letter but at the back of the stand it really helps the monitor balance. Another […]

Xiaomi XMMNT27HQ

Xiaomi XMMNT27HQ Specs

There are many monitors in the marketplace nowadays, Xiaomi XMMNT27HQ / Xiaomi PC monitor 27 inch maybe can be the right choice for you. This is only one reason why it’s essential for you to obtain the ideal monitor for your needs so you can use your PC to its fullest capacity. What you want […]

Xiaomi 34 Monitor

Xiaomi 34inch PC Monitor

Xiaomi PC Monitor 34inch Ultrawide  has released its wide curved monitor that will smash the market for sure. For those who are fond of gaming and wish to receive the best gaming experience, a Xiaomi PC Monitor 34” Curved Gaming Monitor / XMMNTWQ34 is definitely a must have. Having an impressive array of features which […]